Storage on Demand
Paper documents take up a lot space, and are vulnerable to a myriad of hazards. Productivity suffers if these documents are needed in multiple locations. That’s why more businesses are taking steps to better protect and manage their paper.
Managing a mounting expense
It's expensive to store paper. With commercial real estate prices remaining high in most cities, you can save money by replacing your file rooms and storage cabinets with a hosted document management system that takes up no space at all.
Preserving documents indefinitely
Over time, paper fades and deteriorates. Even worse, they can be misfiled or lost forever. When you convert your paper records to digital copies stored in eBridge, you eliminate the risk entirely. We'll also send you a non-cumulative monthly backup disc to make sure you're always covered — at no extra charge.
Ensuring proper compliance
To protect your business from compliance violations and penalties, it's essential to have the ability to track and report which users viewed, annotated, or deleted a document. Scanning documents onto a server or filing images in encrypted folders won't cut it — you need a comprehensive document management system that provides user and document tracking.
Improving access to information
When your business processes depend on paper, you lose the ability to quickly retrieve information. When documents are filed in a central location, it can be difficult to find what you need, when you need it. When you store records off-site, that access is further limited. When you're storing them with eBridge, any authorized user can pull it up, even if another employee is also viewing it.