All shapes and sizes
Businesses don't operate in a one-size-fits-all vacuum. Workflow processes, location variances, processing times, and industry-specific goals are all important factors when considering a solution to fit your needs. eBridge makes the decision easy.
Customize your filing cabinet
Your filing cabinet has up to seven unique index values available for you to label, identify, and retrieve your documents with ease. Use all or as few of them as you like. Our staff members are experts in setting you up for success, and will listen to your needs to provide recommendations suitable to you.
Personalize with dropdown options
Your indexes also come with dropdown options. Tailor-fit your filing cabinet with client partnerships, doctor's names, document types, or employee names that are specific to the demands of your organization. With a virtually unlimited number of dropdown options available to you, the possibilities are endless.
Unlimited users, Individual access
Assign access-level permissions to each of your unlimited number of authorized users to ensure security and compliance standards are met. Utilize permissions for specific job functions and levels of authority. Maintain control over who accesses documents without the added burden of micromanaging users.
Integrate with our Webservices and API's
Enhance the power of your in-house applications by adding eBridge as your document handler. You can use eBridge API's to interface with our website, or call our webservices from your in-house application to facilitate your document management processes. However you choose to integrate, eBridge is up to the task.