Education is a paper-intensive business: applications, financial data, form after form of federal, state and local government reporting - the list goes on. While you may have already begun transitioning to online forms or PDFs to reduce delays, costs and errors, paper likely still plays a huge role in your day-to-day routine. It’s not just the handling, but the cost of storage, the delays in information retrieval and the privacy issues inherent with financial data, health records and test scores.

If you are a school administrator, superintendent or one of the many department managers that must deal with the non-stop flow of documents, eBridge has your solution. With our services, your school can:

  • Create a central repository for all records, regardless of the number of campuses
  • Eliminate cumbersome, non-secure on-site and costly, inconvenient off-site record storage
  • Comply with privacy requirements and new financial data protection regulations
  • Enable 24/7 remote access to all records from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Conserve your budget - typical savings on supplies and storage will more than cover eBridge's low monthly fee
  • Reduce staff time allocated to servicing information requests
  • Increase compliance by ensuring that documents are never lost, misfiled or deleted
  • Turn files rooms into productive office space
  • Protect your records from catastrophic events, misuse, privacy issues and threats

All this without IT staff or the need to buy and maintain costly servers or storage on site.

Find out how easy it is to put eBridge to work for you.

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“The greatest unexpected savings is being able to lookup and e-mail out a document to a student or vendor in seconds - often while they are still in the office or on the phone.”

- Matthew Henry, LeTourneau University