eBridge - Online Document Management

How much of your critical business information is trapped in paper documents? These information assets are also one of your business’ biggest liabilities.

What have you done to secure this information, make it more available for day-to-day use and allow your business to streamline its operations and cut back on paper-dependent activities?

For almost a decade, eBridge has been helping businesses efficiently capture, store and manage documents and data, all through a simple, secure online document management service. This is not a client-server application reconfigured to work in the cloud - eBridge developed its services from the very beginning to be centrally managed, remotely accessible and enterprise-class secure.

Our easy-to-use hosted applications allow businesses to eliminate traditional paper files and store them in encrypted, redundant data centers. A standard PC and web browser is all you need to quickly access all the information stored in your electronic filing cabinets.

Switching from paper adds flexibility and features to your filing system:

  • Annotation & redaction: Markup tools allow you to highlight, underline, notate, add or white out confidential information
  • Text search: Optical character recognition (OCR) technology lets you search documents and highlight keywords
  • Full audit trail: View a complete history of all activity for each document
  • Integrate with 3rdparty software: eBridge utilities capture documents without ever printing

Click on one of the screenshots below to see how eBridge's simple, uncluttered user interface is packed with powerful scanning, retrieval and reporting features.

eBridge welcome page     eBridge retrieve function

eBridge retrieve function - search result screen     eBridge scan app

eBridge user controls     eBridge reports screen   

Take a look at the full list of features and specifications offered by eBridge hosted document management.

Never buy another filing cabinet again.