There’s managing your paper-based files,
and then there’s leveraging them.

eBridge helps 1,600+ businesses do this every day.


You'll realize the importance of centralized storage, in good times and in bad.

  • Electronic copies of paper records – stored safely offsite
  • Remote access to all of your electronic records on our servers
  • Simple, affordable disaster planning keeps your business accessible & running 

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Hosted document management provides 24/7 access to all your files to help you streamline your business.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to files improves customer service
  • Centralized files means never having to leave your desk to find a document
  • Simple browser-based interface makes training new staff a snap

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Paper files increase the risk of information being lost, stolen or altered.

  • Documents scanned to eBridge are safe, secure and always accessible
  • Access controls and auditing features ensure integrity & compliance
  • eBridge is a trusted partner for medical, financial and other high security-conscious industries.

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eBridge clients are more productive

  • Improve customer service with single-call resolution
  • Increase effectiveness of all departments and job functions
  • Reduce operating expenses and eliminate offsite storage fees
  • Maximize office space (no more file cabinets)
  • Better meet records retention and privacy regulations
  • Save paper (and the planet)

... all without the hassle and expense of software, in-house systems or additional IT staff

Is eBridge right for you?